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Demon Fire ピアノ練習曲「鬼火」 (piano etude) - OSTER Project

  1. +dxjohncenacaz -insert comment about how overrated kyle
    landry is + some insults here-
  2. -insert comment about kyle landry playing this here-
  3. 楽譜みたけど最低三人いないと演奏できない
  4. where can I get the music sheet ??
  5. この曲の楽譜が欲しい・・・・
  6. Kyle Landry could play this
  7. @1texaseagle yes!!! i really think kyle could do this:D
  8. 我有- -要嗎....
  9. I can totally imagine Kyle Landry playing this. I really
    think he should give it a try.
  10. may i get a copy of this corrected midi? I tried to pm u but
    it seems like u enabled the contact lock. i'm sorry for
    replying u at here. btw thanks :D
  11. aww i want the sheet
  12. I nominate the king of all piano players... Kyle Landry.
  13. yes it is and she can watch?v=R68SySQnKX8
  14. Before trying this piece, you might wanna try alkan's
    pieces, and before that, try liszt's pieces, and before
    that, try chopin's pieces. This is like the ultimate BOSS
  15. @tayumaru How long did it take you to learn scorpion fire?
    I'm trying to learn it now, although it is a bit too
    ambitious for someone of my skill level... Some parts have
    to be omitted in both pieces. Sasoribi have a part near the
    end where you obviously need three hands.
  16. sheet music: h t t p : / / w w w
  17. I love OSTER Project. This song is amazing<3
  18. Hamelin should play this.
  19. OSter Project? Isn't that the one that also composed songs
    for Vocaloid??
  20. /watch?v=8alxBofd_eQ Nothing is impossible. If you'd like to
    make truth of my statement, feel free to message me via
    YouTube with your e-mail address, and I'll send you the
    sheet music for this (Demon Fire) piece.
  21. This might be possible if you're on a duet or with two
  22. dont spell? here?
  23. Vocaloid and Final Fantasy...
  24. 練習曲「革命」は練習すれば弾ける
  25. this is nice.


3.35 min
User rating: 4.9231906/5
Username: AsherXII
Views on youtube: 290593

Download this video

ピアノ練習曲「鬼火 (Demon Fire) by OSTER Project. If you'd like to download in mp3 format, or check out more of this artist's work, you can do so by visiting their website here:
ピアノ練習曲「鬼火 (Demon Fire) by OSTER Project. If you'd like to download in mp3 format, or check out more of this artist's work, you can do so by visiting their website here:

to download music from the site, just right click on the "mp3" button located to the right of the song title and perform a "save link as".

Feel free to comment if you'd like. Thanks.

Disclaimer: I do not own any image(s) & music used in this video in any part. Full credit goes to their respective owners.




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