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Super Mario Land Sheet Music -Birabuto

  1. hey mate any chance i could get the sheet music for this?
  2. @Ziikuje Calls someone else a noob, and spells descriptions
    with a k? lol
  3. OMG i had this game, my 1st Gameboy Pocket game ever, thanks
    for the memories
  4. He went mostly off topic is what I meant. Besides, 7 months
    ago. What does that tell you? Anyway, don't be trying to
    start a flamewar. If that is your goal, fuck off and go to
  5. I am, Aren't I?
  6. Nice, im going to learn the top part on the piano >_> i suck
    at it tbh.
  7. gotta love noteworthy composer
  8. @zouzsak read the deskription noob
  9. i luv dat song- it was stuck in my head and i kept singin it
    all day xD also if u play grand chase that weird song at
    the beginning gets stuck in my head though i definetleyy
    dont know japenese xD -Cato
  10. The melody is fine, but the base needs work.
  11. then you make one
  12. My friend had super Mario on the game boy color idk what it
    was called but it looked like the nes game
  13. I am very open to criticism, I would just prefer if he sent
    me a PM, instead of posting it here. That's my main point,
    stuff like that doesn't belong here is all I think.
  14. i play these notes on my flute and they are awsome :)
  15. I remember this =D I want it again now xD I remember the
    cartridge was grey and it had those funny flying things in
    it which made a weird noise when you stepped on them. And
    you only had like 5 lives. =D
  16. Nice, brings back memories.
  17. lemme guess, conductor's staff?
  18. Actually, the tempo staff.
  19. you don't like feedback? don't post on youtube.
  20. Super Mario Land for the gameboy.
  21. try with mario paint composer LOL
  22. yé :>
  23. everyone go watch the super mario land rap its hilarious
  24. Yeah, I know, but I just didn't feel like doing it.
  25. ^3^ love dis song!


0.43 min
User rating: 3.8679245/5
Username: Cordyceps NG
Views on youtube: 141102

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World 1 of SML. Play Twice through.
Top staff is treble, lower is bass.
Meant for Piano, but can be played on close to any instrument.




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