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Celtic Irish Techno - Electric violin

  1. This is horrible.
  2. For some reason this reminds me of The boondock saints...
  3. faith an begora....tht's some pish
  4. good work I like it! =)
  5. thank you! i'll keep trying
  6. sounds like a wah wah on steroids
  7. slow it down a bit and keep it goin... ur gettin there but u
    got to work at it a bit
  8. This was, different.
  9. this song is like a comedian. it makes me giggle.
  10. I am not sure what I think of this...
  11. what is the name of the song you used?
  12. ahahah xD Genious! xD
  13. this doesnt sound like irish music 1 bit :/
  14. Less wub step on violin sir
  15. i lyk tha chick in it XP but its sikk unique :D luv it
  16. ide like to see micheal flatly dance to this!
  17. Whats the song called? or the original of it if there is one
  18. this shit nastic
  19. @sokisue The weird wubbing sound IS the violin,
    unfortunately. It's an electric violin, so you can mess
    with the sound.
  20. Phahahah!!! did DOT expect that!!!
  21. OH MY GOD!! This sh*t is AWESOME, dude! Very nice!! 1 like
    from me!! By the way, what's the original irish song??
  22. Okay, what your problem is: You distort the violin too much,
    it doesn't have a pure enough sound, and you should just
    completely cut out the voice. I play violin, and adore
    techno. You should stick more with stuff like at 0:43 to
    0:50, that's kewl shit. The other... eh. Maybe it's not my
    cup o' tea is all. I do think you have promise though. Keep
  23. Ok so this is very good, but some pointers, you have the
    original song in the back ground and added too many
    "bubbley" sounds, I know that's hard to explain, but yeah
    if you keep practicing at it you'll go places kid
  24. I'm glad you're exploring musically and encourage you to
    keep doing so. Check out Martyn Bennett's work -- he
    combined traditional w/ techno/electronic, 5 spectacular
    albums before he died young. His work inspires me and may
    give you something as well. Enjoy! ~ BagpiperDon
  25. St. Pattys day here I come!


1.02 min
User rating: 3.216028/5
Username: MarioViolin
Views on youtube: 335131

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I always wanted to join the Celtic music and Techno, and this is only a fun first try. Please, if you have any other ideas about it comment them and upload response videos!




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