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Super Junior-M(슈퍼주니어-M) _ Super Girl(슈퍼걸) _ MusicVideo

  1. Who is he at 1:41??? He is so handsome !!
  2. why does the people change in this band 
  3. who is the boy at 0:20 - 0:23 
  4. i can tell you the first line of this song is "see you see
    see you."
  5. Are they Korean or Chinese?
  6. OMG I can't deal with Ryeowook's voice. loved his voice
    since 2009 tbh
  7. I just realised... Hangeng left SJ... Jessica left GG... and
    they're the main couple on this clip... weird, lol.
  8. Who is the boy at 2:11 ? He is soo cute
  9. after so long i didn't listen to this song.......... it make
    me feel weird when i listen to this song...... maybe cz i
    always listen to the korean version......
  10. This was totally when Suju was at their PRIME!! Miss those
  12. who is? 1:06
  13. Hangeng papa ♥♥♥
  14. Kyuhyung so freakin hot ♥ :D
  15. jessica jung ♡
  16. Uhhm Guys !!! After my millionth time of watching this I
    decided to pay attention to the story and someone PLEASE
    correct me if I'm wrong. Hangeng dresses as a nerd, Jessica
    doesn't like him. He comes back as a hottie and then she
    likes him! With no even moral lesson at the end or
    something? Even the friends pushed her to him. What message
    is this giving ???
  17. Ikr he is
  18. The guy in 0:16 looks like a young Jang Geun Suk I MUST KNOW
  19. I swear Henry hasn't aged
  20. Te extraño mucho HanGeng
  21. why does the people change in this band
  22. Kyuhyun <3
  23. hangeng! i miss him a lot :( sica <3
  24. Jessica ^^
  25. Jessica & HanGeng <3


3.77 min
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