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Super Junior-M(슈퍼주니어-M) _ Super Girl(슈퍼걸) _ MusicVideo

  1. Oh my God Han Geng TT__TT I miss you so much...
    a;sldkfja;dslfkja;sldkfja;lkdfj;kldf The feels you get from
    watching old SuJu videos. The feels. Are too. Damn. High.
    ;alsdkfja;lsdkfj I CANNOT. I DON'T KNOW WHAT LIFE IS
  2. Hangeng papa ♥♥♥
  3. I heard Ryeowook said there will be comeback within 2 weeks.
    OMG. LETS ALL FAN GIRL RIGHT NOW! Absolutely can not wait
  4. Uhhm Guys !!! After my millionth time of watching this I
    decided to pay attention to the story and someone PLEASE
    correct me if I'm wrong. Hangeng dresses as a nerd, Jessica
    doesn't like him. He comes back as a hottie and then she
    likes him! With no even moral lesson at the end or
    something? Even the friends pushed her to him. What message
    is this giving ???
  5. My Ice Princess sica! and donghae
  6. they going replace super junior with exo....since suju is
    already old...:(
  7. You know what I just realized? What happened to this
    channel? SM just stopped using it...
  8. Kyuhyun is very funny!
  9. SuJu-M - Super Girl~
  10. who is the one in all grey? he claps at the beginning of the
    song... so cute :D can't take my eyes off of him, out of
    all of them lol
  11. Is this the Japanese version? I don't recognize the lyrics
  12. I swear Henry hasn't aged
  13. Is if sped up for anyone else? Sounds kind of like Mario in
    the beginning
  14. What's the 'M' stand for? (Don't kill me, I'm new to Super
    Junior/Super Junior M! D:)
  15. I don't know the names of the members well enough - who is
    the guy at 2:10/ 2:11? :') He's cuuute and I want to know
    his name. :D
  16. 1:04 who is the guy all the way to the right? Please and
    thank you!!
  17. 0:58 who is this? he's handsome :O
  18. Oh my god, Donghae is just so perfect!
  20. Donghae :D
  21. Jessica is a Super Girl! Cool Super Junior song.
  22. Zhoumi's look is so mysterious....
  23. I miss Hangeng :'c
  24. Felicitaciones SJ-M!!! Best Group en Baidu Awards ^^
  25. The MV that made my fall in love whit Kyuhyun ;; oh miss
    them ;;


3.77 min
User rating: 4.8925567/5
Username: sment
Views on youtube: 26854212

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