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Super Junior-M(슈퍼주니어-M) _ Super Girl(슈퍼걸) _ MusicVideo

  1. The way Hangeng carries himself in this video (or actually
    any time he dances, really) makes him so fucking god damn
    sexy. 8||| That look on his face every time he dances, like
    he's just owning whatever fucking dance floor he's working
    on makes my ovaries explode into smithereens.
  2. Am I the only one who isn't able to handle Siwon's "kan wo,
    kan kan wo" and Zhou Mi at 1:40? My heart can't take
    it.____. They're unbearably sexy T.T
  3. Why is Jessica in the mv like foreall they should of picked
    like another member but i love this song.
  4. Sensacional (★‿★)
  5. This is seriously bringing back the memories of Skip Beat
    Extravagant Challenge.... woof :3
  6. This is really the best of the best song from #SuperJuniorM
    for me..really like arrangements of this song^^
  7. why does some people comment that this mv doesn't have any
    moral lesson just bcoz Jessica not in love with the guy
    when he look nerd n when he becomes hot,jessica just fall
    in love with him ? come on people it's just a music video
    lol !! what u expect ? expect them to do a music video which
    full of moral lesson in just 3+minutes video ? haizz....
  8. this was a sign all along !! Hangeng left SJ (change the way
    he dresses) to pursue a healthier way of living (completely
    understandable btw) and then Jessica got pushed by her
    friends (SM and GG) to go with Hangeng... The director of
    this video knew all along what was gonna happen 8-)
  9. There's a SUJU-K and a SUJU-M, but no SUJU-E....Why?
  10. جمييييييلة جداً خاصةً سيون كان
    الاجمل ^__^. D-: *~*
  11. #HappyHangengDay ♡ ♥
  12. OMG I can't deal with Ryeowook's voice. loved his voice
    since 2009 tbh
  13. why does the people change in this band 
  14. 2:10 am I the only one who notice that Donghae looks like
    martin freeman's hobbit character?
  15. Me when I joined the kpop fandom: My friend: Have you
    listened to super junior yet?? Me: My sister had the song
    Supergirl by them on it Her: Ummm don't you mean
    superman? Me: no I mean super girl Us: FWOS
    We were both right wowa 
  16. how superficial was the concept of this video tho...he
    basically had to change himself to get the girl..Like who
    doesnt love a cute nerd!...she basically dissed him and
    knocked the cam out of his hand....she would have got
    strong armed js lol...on another note everyone looked great
    per usual!
  17. 28,006,745
  18. who is the boy at 0:20 - 0:23 
  19. Actually realizing thats Jessica... and I used to be
    obsessedd with this, omg.
  20. Love it =)
  21. Omg, when I was watching All About Super Junior DVD 4/5,
    they featured the making of almost each MV and then the
    Super Girl played and I was like: " familiar... I'll search
    the video after". And it's so embarrassing but it has been
    on my phone and became one of my favorite when I was 4th
    year high school and I'm like what, I'm in my 3rd year in
    college but it's my first time to check this video! I'm an
    ELF since 2009-2012, became a fan only during 2013-2014 and
    was back this year after watching Poseidon. Iykwim. 
  22. #HappyHankyungDay 
  23. Super Junior-M(슈퍼주니어-M) _ Super Girl(슈퍼걸) _
  24. My Siwon ^^
  25. what the fuck he just transformed //transformers 4


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