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Cowboy Bodybuilder Ronny Schweyer

  1. Ronny was amazing looking.... an walking orgasm of a man!
  2. RIFF RAM!!!! Ronnie is real HORNED FROG!!...Mr TCU.
  3. OOH! Save a horth,ride a cowboy!OOOOOOOOOH!
  4. very sexy man beef. I want to worship his body with my
    tongue and yes I did see the bulge in his looks
  5. go sexy cowboy go go far from brokeback mountain OH go....
  6. So, what's going on with this guy? He's awesome. I hope he's
    pursuing his dream in BB'ing if that's what he wishes.
    Either way, he's beautiful ~ seems really sweet too!
  7. I remember the days as Ronnie was one bad b.b. He had it
    all. He was so professional being interviewed by ESPN many
    times. Women just drooled over him.
  8. That is the cowboy I want on Brokeback mountain.
  9. ya! He is too hot. Seems like a nice guy too.
  10. hot bodies
  11. Truly one of the posing greats.
  12. SEXY
  13. esta re bueno aunque ya esta ruco he is so cute but he is an
    elderly already
  14. roid muncher
  15. Jordan Schweyher's uncle, my best friend. look up ahmobabe's
  16. i no his daughter
  17. I'm obviously doing something wrong. I've killed myself
    doing pull-ups, push-ups, and lifting very heavy weights,
    but I don't look like this. :-/
  18. ...shut the fuck up and kiss me.
  19. sexy cowboy
  20. Wow..did you catch the bulge in the crotch? It's Texas Size!
  21. Roids on a cowboy
  22. Ronnie Rocks! Gotta love the the Cowboy!
  23. Post a vid of your unit and we'll compare you with Ronny.
    Put your cattle where your hat is.
  24. I think his first name's actually spelled RONNIE. Either
    way, I'm a fan!
  25. he can broke my back any time


2.63 min
User rating: 4.709677/5
Username: Tech Muscle
Views on youtube: 104529

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