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Natta Adavu in Bharatanatyam (Part One)

  1. Are you planning to release your instructional videos on
    DVDs? In some ways they are better than many instructional
    Bharatanatyam DVDs on NatyaDisc*com , by the way
  2. I want the song. Do you have it?
  3. Thank God! I found your video. My 5yrs old daughter just
    joined Bharatnatyam and I don't know anything about and
    teacher said to practice at home. So I am glad to get your
    lessons. Thank you so much for sharing your lessons with
    us. I will be always thankful for that.
  4. @paygirl150 omg i never used to like it either and i learned
    for nearly 7 yrs and now i am madle in love
  5. Thanks, very helpful
  6. yeah but i took classes before and was board of it i rather
    just try to follow the dances and learn my self
  7. Great teacher indeed
  8. my fingers don't want to cooperate, cause I play piano and
    my pinky and thumb wanna do their own weird things. :(
  9. Hi Anjali, Thank you very much for these videos...expecting
    more...and wish you all the best...
  10. Thanks for the honest comment. Its nice to know that your 4
    yr old Kid takes interest in learning dance. I also
    appreciate the efforts of the parents in finding her all
    the available resource to learn.
  11. @greatwith28 Are you silly? I think it takes all life to
    learn dance, doesnt matter what kind of dance. Do you
    really think, that will come time when you can say :Yeah,
    now i REALLY CAN DANCE!? Thank you nandananjali, I really
    like your pages and youtube chanel :)
  12. hiiii You are awesome I JUST LOVE THIS DANCE and i wanted to
    start learning this but i dont know where to find the
    firsts lessons for the debutants anyone could help me
  13. hi nandananjai wow i am so happy to see all the steps after
    9years:) you are just like my master when i was 10 years
    old i don't really pay attention to barathanatyam and now
    i'm 19 and regret it:( but i am so happy to see all your
    video so helpful to get back:) but i already know the basic
    so it is kind of easy for me:) thanks:) meera<3
  14. ahhh life saver :D i've wanted to learn this for a long time
    but I don;t know of any teachers where I live and couldn't
    find it online but yay finally
  15. @haffgaff you really dont have to focus on hard foot work.
    Just go by what is comfortable. Sometime hard strikes may
  16. will u post more videos?Moreover i would like to now if this
    is what we call the kalakshetra style of
    bharatanatyam?Thanx a lot again.You are really helping a
    lot of people through ur videos.
  17. i wouldn't do this because if you learn like this it would
    take years just to learn classical dances LOL!
  18. I like the way you teach
  19. r u interested for teaching dance?
  20. Thank you so much... I used to do Bharathanatyam but
    Unfortunely I had to stop.. I never used to like it but now
    for some reason I love it.... I would love to learn
    everything again.. I can remember some of them..
  21. You said she does not listen to the instruction, then let
    her practice as she sees the video. The important thing is
    to learn the step. Once the step is learnt, beginning with
    the right or the left does not matter much. But if within
    the step there are some mistakes while crossing the leg or
    using the incorrect mudra must be corrected by you.
  22. wow Beautiful♥♥♥
  23. no this is not kalakshtra it is pandana nallur style
  24. Yes it takes years to learn classical dance. I am still a
    student of this divine art. While there is no substitute to
    the traditional Guru-Shishya (Teacher-Student) way of
    imparting this knowledge, the content here can supplement
    and help a new learner understand the basics. The goal is to
    provide useful information on Bharatanatyam accessible
    online for a global audience.
  25. I just started learning Bharatanatyam , your videos are
    quite helpful. Thank you ma'am ..


2.48 min
User rating: 4.3480177/5
Username: Anjali Nandan
Views on youtube: 198031

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This is the Natta Adavu in classical Indian dance of Bharatanatyam."Natta" means to stretch and so the Adavu involves some stretching to form beautiful patterns.




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