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Opel Astra G Caravan 1.7 DTI - Innoparts Blasma Dials !

  1. Km/h not miles Billy :P 106mph=170 km/h 140mph=225 km/h
    Wright,not? :P
  2. Am si eu o nelamurire. tu la ce turatie schimbi vitezele la
    1.7 dti ???? (si motivul pentru care schimbi la turatia
  3. mijto remixu :> cum se numeste?
  4. cum se numeste cintecul ?:)
  5. what remix is that please???
  6. creste cam greu acul >:)
  7. Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake - Give It To Me [ ReMiX ]
  8. rather, my Zafira OPC 240hp is better. 100 in 6.5 seconds
    and go 270km/h POLAND!!
  9. how did you make the lights? is it easy because i want it
  10. wer did u get dem dials from ive been wantin dem for
    AGESSSSS please someone message me on how to get dem ones
  11. cum se cheama melodia?
  12. Where can i get those plates? i want those too!
  13. Check engine is lit for air flow meter plug is removed.
    engine has 75 hp and maximum design speed is 165 km / h.
    Now you know and answer "wonder wots happening here" Billy
  14. @2741718 It is a Astra G! Trust me! It has plasma dials!
  15. Salut! Multumesc de aprecieri... Scule after market,nimic
    impresionant !
  16. ibre niye öle
  17. its a dial show off not a top speed test noobs....noobi mai
    sunt strainii astia
  18. un remix de nelly furtado...draq stie cum cheama piesa
  19. Geiler Tacho!
  20. What the name of this music Please , do you write . . .
  21. super plasmele. de unde ti le-ai comandat? da un site ms.
  22. nice plasma plates!!
  23. @cristinelmitiu83 am cumparato luni merg dupa ea, sper sa
    fie cum zici.... mersi pentru raspuns
  24. this is the slowest 0-160 I w ever seen :S:S
  25. It doesn't look like an Astra from the inside! Astra is not


3.88 min
User rating: 3.5882354/5
Username: Cristian Bugur
Views on youtube: 261030

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Plasma Bord ... and 160km/h




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